UGG Metallic Boots

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The last few months of the year are not complete without wearing a pair of Uggs at least once—sorry, I don’t make the rules! It’s officially Ugg season, and it’s not difficult to see why the comfy, toasty footwear brand makes the rounds as much as Pete Davidson (jokes!). Love them, hate them, or hate that you love them; Uggs are here to stay, and the brand is constantly finding new ways to innovate and keep up with trends. One of their latest styles, the Ugg Metallic Silver Classic Mini Tall Boot, is proof of exactly that.

Around fall, Ugg’s mini platforms quickly went viral after being spotted on Bella Hadid while walking around in New York City. A chic look, indeed, it was only a matter of time before everyone would be jumping to get their hands on them. However cute and effortlessly chic they are, UGG’s metallic silver boots offer a much more daring, fun and bold look that is a statement all on its own. Sure, you can opt for the very cute and casual UGGs that will go with any outfit, but the fashion lover in me begs the question: why only play it safe when you can go for a risk instead?

Such has been the answer a slew of popular influencers like Ella Emhoff (a.k.a. the rising fashion designer and model stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris) has been opting for recently and it’s safe to say that these boots are the coolest Uggs you’ll find this season. Moreover, you can’t tell me this doesn’t resemble a silhouette we’ve seen on Kim Kardashian in the past—it’s exactly the intergalactic aesthetic she’d go for I just know it.

Ugg Classic Metallic Boot

The three-tiered boots are a refresh of Ugg’s iconic classic with maximalist puff uppers. What makes these shoes so unique—especially during the cold-weather season where everyone seems to lean into minimalist neutral colors—are credited to a few details such as the metallic silver sheen and its convertible shaft with zip-off sections making it so it’s essentially three boots in one. Don’t like the tall look with your pair of jeans? Simply take off the top two puffs and wear them as mini boots. For your skirts and dresses this season, switch it up again and wear them with two puffs instead of three or combine them all for the full look.

In true Ugg fashion, the shoes are just as comfy and cloud-like as their predecessors. It features the brand’s signature Uggplush wool blend and, despite its appearance, are surprisingly lightweight. Yeah, alright, these boots won’t actually let you walk on the moon, but they sure will make you feel like it.

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