The DOJ Is Coming for Donald Trump Quicker Than Ever

Just as it seemed like the Department of Justice couldn’t get out of its own way and make any progress on its investigation of former President Donald Trump, in walks special counsel Jack Smith.

On this week’s episode of The New Abnormal, MSNBC legal analyst and host of Justice Matters Glenn Kirschner joins host Danielle Moodie, who says that since Smith’s appointment in November to oversee the criminal investigations into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents drama and parts of the attempted Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, “he’s been going a hundred miles an hour.”

“I don’t think you can reasonably argue that Jack Smith has been dragging his heels,” Kirschner says.

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To boot, Smith is currently dealing with eight secret court battles concerning the ex-president—just as he begins his campaign for a 2024 presidential run.

“He’s fighting eight grand jury battles right now as we speak, trying to obtain incriminating evidence against Donald Trump. I don’t think anybody can say he is not moving quickly. So that gives me some hope that we could see indictments in, let’s just say, the coming months.”

Then, reporter for The Lever, Julia Rock, discusses the GOP’s response to the Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals near the town of East Palestine, Ohio.

“They certainly seem to be seizing a political opportunity, and it’s pretty wild actually to read a Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance press release calling for stricter regulations on high-hazard flammable trains,” says Lever.

“I guess, you know, if there’s a political opportunity here for bipartisan legislation to make the railroad safer, that’s great for everybody. They’re certainly not the heroes of this story and they were certainly, you know, cheering on Trump’s efforts to deregulate every industry in America.”

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