Sarah Silverman Savages ‘Pathetic’ ‘Incel’ Elon Musk on ‘Daily Show’

Sarah Silverman came out swinging against Twitter CEO “and man who has definitely scissored a robot” Elon Musk during her Daily Show guest-hosting gig Wednesday night.

The comedian went on to explain that “if you thought your Twitter feed was especially flooded with Elon’s tweets this week, you weren’t alone” after he “pressured his engineers to design a special algorithm just for his tweets” so that they would go as viral as President Joe Biden’s.

“Because it behooves all of us to be privy to the fresh and original insights of the richest man in the world,” Silverman said of Musk, who actually lost that status late last year, as his not-so-clever wordplay about masterbation appeared on the screen.

She called Musk’s move “the most pathetic thing” she’d ever heard, joking, “I don’t understand how someone can have 15 kids and still be an incel.”

As the applause died down, she added, “I feel bad for him, I really do. This man paid $44 billion dollars to get the same insecurities that I have for free.”

For more, listen to Sarah Silverman on The Last Laugh podcast.

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