Peace Out Acne Day Dot Patches Review 2022

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The history of my skincare routine can be neatly separated into two periods: the time before I discovered pimple patches, and the time after. Before pimple patches, I was compelled to pick or pop my blemishes on my own. No cream or gel worked fast enough for me. Though I always went in with the best of intentions, I ended up leaving my face a bloody, inflamed mess every time—and by the way, popping pimples can cause severe acne scars. But everything changed when I read an r/skincareaddiction post talking about a miracle acne treatment that could suck the life from pimples overnight—and one box cost less than $20.

If you’re unfamiliar with these life-saving skincare saviors, pimple patches (also called acne patches) are small adhesive bandages made from hydrocolloid, a moisture and bacteria-absorbing solution. Over the years, I’ve tried many different brands, but one rises above the rest: Peace Out Acne Healing Dots. These pimple patches are infused with hydrocolloid and other acne-fighting active ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol. As the gunk inside your acne is pulled to the surface and trapped inside the layers of the bandage, the patch releases the active ingredients into your pimple (or what remains of its lifeless husk). Peace Out patches have just enough adhesive to stay on for 24+ hours, even on a sweaty day, but still, peel off gently without irritating your skin.

Now, Peace Out has launched a new version of its cult-favorite pimple poppers: Acne Day Dot patches. The new-generation pimple patches are designed for invisible wear and can be worn on their own or under makeup. I mean, they’re a game-changer, right?! The super sheet pimple patches are 61% thinner than the original Acne Patches, so they’re virtually undetectable.

Peace Out Acne Day Dot Pimple Patches

Peace Out Skincare Acne Patches

Peace Out Oil-Absorbing & Pore-Minimizing Patches

Peace Out Acne Patches Jumbo Pack

40 Pimple Patches in Box

Hydrocolloid was originally designed to protect open wounds by creating a sealed environment that removes excess moisture. Then skincare enthusiasts in South Korea discovered the large squares of hydrocolloid bandages, sold in the bandage aisle of almost every drugstore, could be cut into smaller pieces and used to remove the pus and gunk from whiteheads, blackheads, and cystic acne. It wasn’t long before skincare companies started making their own hydrocolloid bandages, sized to fit small face blemishes instead of large wounds.

After just a few hours of use, you’ll notice a white spot forming over the clear patch – this is the juice leaving your acne! Gross, but fascinating. A small whitehead can be totally drained overnight, but if your blemishes require a little more time under the patch, Peace Out dots are thin and flexible enough to be hidden under concealer. So your monster zit can keep draining while you go about your day. And if you’re a compulsive skin-picker like me, these bandages shield your sensitive skin from your own fingers.

This month only you can grab the limited edition Pride Peace Out Acne Dots. Or if you have a situation that just one dot won’t solve, try the Peace Out pimple patches in Jumbo size or as nose strips.


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