Pact Ribbed Jazz Dress Review

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Fast fashion is over, or it should be, at least. Our landfills and waterways benefit when we make eco-conscious choices. Of course, purchasing good quality pieces that hold up is best for us, too; because wearing something a few times before relegating it to a donation bin (or worse, the trash) is a drag. A great garment becomes like a trusty friend, dependable, and always welcome–and that’s exactly what Pact’s Stretch Rib Jazz Dress is. It’s organic cotton and fair trade, but also flattering, versatile, and as comfortable as your favorite yoga set. You can wear it lounging at home or out to dinner. Throw on some nice shoes and accessories–it’s evening party-ready. Roll it up and toss it in a carry-on bag; it won’t wrinkle.

I purchased this dress for a special occasion but can’t stop wearing it. It’s appropriate for everything and looks cute with a long cardigan if I need another layer. The thicker, ribbed material forgives my lumps, but not so thick that it’s constricting or hot. Its neckline is low, but that saves it from veering into too much coverage, though you could add a tube cami if desired. It has a mid-calf length hem with a back slit that looks great with booties, heels, or flats. Its style is reminiscent of the beloved cult-favorite Skims Soft Lounge Dress, but it’s actually made to be worn out of the house.

Pact Stretch Rib Jazz Dress

One tip: don’t wash the belt unless you want to iron it, since the tie belt gets a little twisty in the dryer. (Yes, it’s dryer-safe.) It comes in black (my pick), a pretty camel shade, pale lilac, cream, and navy, and comes in sizes XS-XXL. No animal fibers are used, so it’s vegan-friendly. Try one of Pact’s Stretch Rib Jazz Dresses if you want one sweet dress for just about anything that comes your way.


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