Our Place Cast Iron Sale

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There are few things I use as frequently as my Our Place Always Pan. It comes with a steamer basket that fits inside, which has me steaming veggies much more often. Of course, the pan also has an impressive, toxin-free, non-stick surface for when I do want to sauté or toast something, and clean-up is a breeze. The *only* thing I wish it could do is to go from stove-top to oven, as sometimes the perfect way to cook a dish is to sear and then bake. Right now, the Cast Iron version of the beloved Always Pan–which can do just that–is 25% off, so it looks like I’ll be adding one more pan to my kitchen. This cast-iron version also has optional accessories like the Fearless Fry, so I’ll never worry about splattering hot oil again.

Not that I mind investing; Our Place pans are designed to replace most others in your kitchen, so they’re exceptionally versatile. This cast-iron version “grills, sears, braises, fries, sautees, roasts, bakes, broils, [and] stews,” freeing up cabinet space while replacing a few other pans. The brand is also offering a set with a Moroccan Tagine as part of the sale, chic plate sets, glasses, and more. Shop the sale now through February 27.

Our Place Sizzle Sale

25% off Cast Iron and Select Items


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