Omnilux LED Mask Review Before & After 2023

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The pursuit of youth has long plagued our world. Many modern-day consumers go to great lengths to reduce the ravages of aging—Botox, plastic surgery, weird vampire facials, you name it. And while some products do show promise of slowing down aging, nothing can reverse time. But effective products like the FDA-cleared (and derm-approved) Omnilux Contour Face can help reduce its wear and tear.

When I first saw the Omnilux Contour Face it terrified me. Not only does it look like a mask a serial killer might wear, but LED light therapy was something I had never heard of until recently and, frankly, I was pretty skeptical of. But as someone who tires of trying one-trick products that often don’t deliver on their sky-high promises, I wanted to see if the device actually lived up to its incredible reviews.

Omnilux LED Mask before and aftrer

Utilizing red light therapy—a treatment shown to re-energize cells, iron out fine lines, and improve firmness, the Omnilux Contour Face is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pigmentation and redness, and encourage the appearance of youthful-looking skin. What’s not to love about that?

While the mask is a bit cumbersome at first, once you get it fitted and light it up, the magic begins working over a quick 10-minute period. I was worried that the process would be uncomfortable—or even cause my sensitive skin to break out or flare up, but the experience was actually quite relaxing for my skin. I didn’t experience any discomfort or pain during or after the 10-minute treatments.

As recommended, I used the Omnilux Contour Face at least three times a week and up to five times a week, and noticed a slightly more contoured jawline and general smoothness after about two weeks of consistent use.

The results weren’t extreme or life-changing (though, considering some of the before and after photos I’ve seen, it is for some people), but they were quick and noticeable. Overall, my skin was less puffy, much clearer, and smoother after a couple of weeks of consistent use. I feel like I look a bit younger (maybe five to 10 years or so), and most of all, my crow’s feet and the fine lines around my mouth improved. It looked like I had achieved something I never thought possible: reversing the unavoidable stress and aging I and many others have experienced from living through COVID-19.

Omnilux contour before and after

While $395 may seem like a lot for an at-home face mask, once I did the math I realized I spend much more on facials, creams, and dermatologist visits over time, I figured splurging on this light therapy mask could potentially save me some money in my beauty-maintenance fund, and it’s much cheaper than injectables like Botox and filler and other in-office procedures.

Not only has the Omnilux Contour Face become a staple in my skin care routine, but it’s also become a mainstay in my self care routine. It brings me great satisfaction knowing that in only 10 minutes I’m stripping away what appears to be years of time.

Omnilux Contour LED Light Therapy Mask for Face

This LED light therapy mask stays put thanks to two straps so you can type on your computer, do your chores, paint your nails, etc. during your ten-minute treatments.

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