More Classified Documents Found in Biden’s Delaware Home

Additional classified documents have been discovered at President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware, the White House said Saturday.

White House lawyer Richard Sauber said in a statement cited by the Associated Press that six pages of classified documents were found in Biden’s private library, five more than originally thought.

Attorney General Merrick Garland this week appointed Robert Hur as special counsel, tasking the former U.S. Attorney with investigating how the material came into Biden’s personal possession after leaving the Obama administration.

Sauber said he came across the five additional pages of classified material on Thursday, as he was handing over the single known page to Department of Justice (DOJ) officials.

“The DOJ officials with me immediately took possession of them,” Sauber’s statement said.

The White House said in its own previous statement that any classified documents associated with Biden “were inadvertently misplaced, and the president and his lawyers acted promptly upon discovery of this mistake.”

This breaking news story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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