Mizzou Turning Point USA Student Leader’s Racist Post Sparks Firestorm

University of Missouri students want a fellow classmate expelled after she shared a racist social media post joking about the deaths of Black people.

Meg Miller resigned as president of the school’s chapter of Turning Point USA, a right-wing organization geared towards young adults, after the offensive SnapChat post, which included a racist slur, spread among the school community, the Kansas City Star reported.

“If they would have killed 4 more n—— we would have had the whole week off,” Miller captioned a smiling selfie that was shared several months ago, according to the Star. The statement was followed by a series of laughing emojis.

The post was reshared on Twitter on Dec. 7 by another Mizzou student, Kaylyn Walker, who also posted screenshots of Miller’s Instagram profile, which has since been shut down. According to the post, Miller’s Instagram bio said she was an agriculture and animal sciences major, “unapologetically conservative,” a “second amendment enthusiast,” and a “pro-life advocate.” Next to her name, where people tend to list their pronouns, she had “ne/ver.”

Walker, the social justice vice chair for the Missouri Student Association, told the Kansas City Defender that after Black University of Missouri students found Miller’s social media post, they began sharing it in a group chat.

“Eventually we found her Instagram, went to her snapchat,” Walker said. “When she saw we were flooding to her Instagram, she went private and started blocking people.”

Walker added that students shared the vile posts because they felt school officials were not properly addressing the issue.

“[W]e went to Twitter to start tagging faculty because we could tell this wasn’t being taken as seriously as it should be,” Walker told the Defender. “Obviously the first emotion we felt was anger. We were of course angry she said it, but even more outraged at how the administration is handling it.”

Other social media users were quick to question Miller’s behavior.

“I’m actually disgusted,” a Twitter user commented under the post. That social media user also shared a bloody deer-hunting picture from Miller’s Instagram, claiming she “pulled a Rittenhouse,” seemingly in reference to teenage Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted of criminal charges, shooting Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020.

Another photo showed Miller in a bright pink suit standing next to Rittenhouse at a Turning Point USA event.

“As someone with a HUGE passion for the second amendment… I peaked in this moment,” Miller captioned the post, along with hashtags “gunrightsarewomensrights” and “girlsjustwannahaveguns.”

Other posts in the thread appeared to be screenshots from Miller’s Instagram stories in which she mocked transgender rights.

According to the Defender, Miller was also the vice president of public relations for the University of Missouri Students for Life, a conservative, anti-abortion organization. Unlike the school’s chapter of Turning Point USA, which has not made a social media post since 2021, Students for Life has been very active. Despite Miller’s flippant post about the deaths of Black people, a pinned post to the organization’s social media page says it believes “all life is valuable and rejects prejudice against people.”

Miller did not return multiple requests for comments Wednesday.

Responding to the original Twitter post, the University of Missouri said it condemned Miller’s alleged language “and all forms of racism and discrimination” on Dec. 8.

“We have reported the post to our Office of Institutional Equity,” the school posted with a link for students to report harassment.

“This language is reprehensible, and we condemn any language and actions that are racist, discriminatory and hateful to our community,” Mun Choi, president of the University of Missouri, said on the university’s website.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, UM media relations director Christian Basi said that because the incident is currently being investigated, officials are unable to “speculate on what might happen in the future.”

Turning Point USA told the Kansas City Star that Miller resigned as president last week “without explanation.” “This kind of language has no place at TPUSA, and we support her decision to remove herself from all involvement with that local chapter,” the group said.

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