Kari Lake Dumps Man-Crush Ron DeSantis With Soros-Related Conspiracy

As the presidential jostling for 2024 gets underway, there seems to be no shortage of bad blood in MAGA-world.

Election-denying former news anchor Kari Lake, who once fawned over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for having the “BDE [Big Dick Energy] that we want all of our leaders to have,” is now spreading conspiracy theories about the Republican darling.

Lake, who can’t accept that she lost Arizona’s gubernatorial election last year, posted an article from the right-wing media site Gateway Pundit misleadingly alleging that liberal megadonor and Republican bugaboo George Soros had “endorsed” DeSantis for president.

“The Kiss of Death – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Endorsed by George Soros,” the headline read.

In reality, Soros only said DeSantis is “likely to be the Republican nominee,” calling him “shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious.”

Lake’s attacks on DeSantis, who once spoke at one of her campaign events, come on the heels of a scorched-earth smear campaign by Donald Trump, who many believe will face a tough challenge from DeSantis.

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