Jordan Klepper Confronts Deeply Confused Nikki Haley Voters

There’s a new GOP presidential candidate on the scene and The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper was all over her campaign launch rally this week.

The correspondent took a brief hiatus from covering Donald Trump to see if Republican primary voters are really ready to “turn the page” on the 45th president. What he found was not exactly encouraging.

“I love Donald Trump, but I think she has more of a feminine finesse,” one woman told Klepper, who agreed that Trump has a “harsher approach when it comes to women” and “sometimes has to pay for it.”

Another woman holding up a “Nikki Haley for President” sign admitted that the South Carolina native probably won’t win her primary race and is actually just gunning for the vice presidential slot.

Klepper even found a few Trump voters who said they would not be supporting the former president again—though not for the myriad reasons he would have thought. “You’re not gonna guess it,” one man said of his personal “nail in the coffin” for Trump—and Klepper most certainly did not.

“Haley has either been a strong Trump critic or a vocal Trump ally, depending on the time of day,” Klepper said. “After January 6th, she wasn’t afraid to say ‘this is disgusting,’” he told one supporter. “And then a couple of weeks later say they were being too hard on him.” In another scenario, he got Haley voters to nod along as he praised her for giving her “52-week notice” after Charlottesville.

And while Haley claims to be “distancing herself from the far-right fringe,” Klepper highlighted the fact the first speaker who appeared at her rally was Pastor John Hagee, who once claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for homosexuality.

“Maybe if she’s trying to attract moderates, come in with a little bit more moderate pastor who thinks something more acceptable,” he joked, “like tornadoes are caused by too much masturbation,”

For more, listen to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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