Jones Road Beauty WTF Foundation Review

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Finding the right foundation is a tricky endeavor. Not only are you often scavenging through countless beauty reviews and scouring for the right shade match, but you also have to consider the formula’s coverage level, finish, and wear time. While I once could get away with wearing cheap, pore-clogging drug store foundation, my mid-thirties, aging skin now requires a solid foundation that provides lasting coverage, intense moisture, easy, quick application, and gentle ingredients that won’t send my skin into an acne tailspin.

Thankfully, an up-and-coming beauty brand found its way onto my radar with a foundation that has revived my morning makeup routine. As someone who has long loved and frequently used Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, I was thrilled to hear that its founder, legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown, recently established a new makeup brand called Jones Road Beauty.

I’ve watched women of all ages and skin types apply and rave about this viral brand’s products, particularly the best-selling Miracle Balm, the lengthening Mascara, and my personal favorite: the complexion-perfecting tinted moisture balm called What The Foundation (WTF). This one-and-done clean beauty product is a part-foundation, part-tinted-moisturizer that works for women of all ages and skin types, but especially those looking for something that provides a natural, skin-like finish but still offers lasting coverage.

Jones Road Beauty WTF Foundation

This creamy, moisturizing foundation not only blended beautifully into my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, glowy, and refreshed, but it also provided just the right amount of coverage for my aging skin. While I certainly can’t do away with my crow’s feet and fine lines, WTF provided enough coverage and polish to give me confidence in myself, my age, and my makeup—something I haven’t felt in a hot minute.

I’m not someone who is crazy about the no-makeup makeup look, so what I particularly appreciate about WTF, which comes in 12 shades, is that it gives you just enough coverage where you look refreshed, polished, and put-together without looking like you caked on layers upon layers of makeup or that you’re not wearing makeup at all. It certainly doesn’t give you full coverage; instead, it finds that perfect middle ground between camouflaging imperfections and letting your natural skin shine through.

WTF even helps minimize those resilient dark circles under my eyes, so I look like I’m actually getting my full eight hours of sleep every night. Best of all, you don’t have to use very much to get the results you’re looking for; just a few dabs and wisps of this easy-to-blend, lightly scented beauty balm will have you looking refreshed and ready for the day, even if it’s the only makeup you wear.

While the texture of the foundation may take some getting used to at first— it has a whipped, mousse-like consistency—once you work it into your face, your skin will feel super nourished and hydrated without looking greasy or shiny. It reminds me a lot of an intense moisturizing night cream, but without the pesky residue. I also like to mix the foundation every so often so that the product is blended well before I put it on, so don’t be too intimidated if the product looks like it’s separated at some point; all you need to do is blend it.

Before applying WTF with my fingers, I like to start with a daily moisturizer and a primer. I have also found that WTF does just fine on its own without a primer if you’re in a hurry. While you certainly could use a beauty sponge or Jones Road Beauty’s recommended tools, The Spatula or Everything Brush, to apply the gentle moisturizing balm, I’ve found nothing works quite as well as my fingers in getting this product to set into and stay on my skin all day long. Even hours after application, my skin still looks luminous and ready to face the day at all, thanks to WTF, and so far, I haven’t had a single breakout or pimple while using the product.

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

In addition to the WTF Foundation, I also tried Jones Road Beauty’s wildly popular Miracle Balm, which adds an effervescent glow to your makeup routine. While you can certainly wear this product on top of WTF, it also does beautifully on its own if you’re going for a super minimal, fresh-faced look.

Switching up your beauty routine and go-to products may take a leap of faith and some experimentation with different brands, but as someone who has hunted far too long for the right base foundation to address my aging, ever-changing skin, I’ve never been happier to settle down with a hydrating tinted balm that lets my natural beauty shine without wreaking havoc on my skin. No matter what your age is, though, you’ll appreciate everything WTF has to offer, from great coverage to gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients; it’s all in this balm.

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