Jawahir and Nick Are ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Fan Favorites. But Are They Still Together?

Netflix has released all 10 episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 4, and fans are flocking to their new favorite couple. Sorry, Melinda and Peter! The fans (including myself) will always admire you, but nothing can top this season’s romance between Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the popular Netflix dating show, Too Hot to Handle introduces a concept that makes romance nearly impossible. Contestants aren’t allowed to kiss or go anywhere past that—no sex, no heavy touching, no intimate activities. Lana, an Alexa-like robot, watches over them and detracts from the collective $200,000 prize fund if anyone fools around.

Seems pretty easy to avoid these restrictions for that much money; still, the contestants fail every time. It’s a miracle that anyone still ends up in love at the end, after bickering constantly over the prize money and—gasp—not kissing for a few days! How treacherous! Jawahir and Nick did cheat (at the game, never on each other) a few times, and we love them all the more for it.

Spoilers ahead for Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, including who wins the prize money.

When the show first introduced Jawahir and Nick as a potential couple, things were a little awkward. Jawahir, a professional model from Amsterdam, was still cozying up to Nigel—who was canoodling with nearly every girl in the cast. Thank goodness Jawahir came to her senses and fell for Nick immediately, because we needed a power couple this season. Nick’s technique to woo Jawahir was bizarre, though—he sang and stared at her until she fell for him. I wouldn’t recommend that any other guys try it, but it worked for Nick.

Still, awkwardness can breed true love! Through it all—from wandering eyes to Lana’s prohibiting nature—Jawa and Nick found love in a hopeless place. We all loved watching them “climax” on a paint canvas together (not really), but it was more than just sexy flirting. Jawa and Nick were always able to really walk through any of their anxieties about the show together.

They managed to stick together even when another man, Ethan, joined the cast near the end of the season. While Jawahir felt some attraction, she stayed loyal to her singing spiritual guide Nick, opening up about her attachment issues in their final date together.

The Too Hot to Handle hive has become attached to Jawahir and Nick, of course, sharing clips of their most romantic moments to the high heavens.

Though they had a bit of tough competition in the season’s other tightest couple, Seb and Kayla, Jawa and Nick prevailed, winning all the prize money Lana had to offer. It wasn’t a huge chunk of change, after plenty of flirting and smooching—just $89,000. Not bad, but it’s no Survivor-level million.

To round things off, Nick ends exactly where he started—singing terribly written tunes to his beloved Jawa. “We made it through Too Hot to Handle, we handled it all so well,” Nick hums. It’s so cringy. “And now I’m looking here into your eyes, you’re making my heart swell.” For the love of god, roll those credits.

But are Nick and Jawahir still together? Jury’s out on that one. Neither of them has made an official comment after the final episodes aired on Wednesday, and neither of them has posted with each other on Instagram. Jawa did, however, make a small comment about their current status on her Instagram story.

“I promise you all. You will all find out soon,” she wrote. “Bear with us and enjoy the next amazing episodes.”

There aren’t a ton of reality couples that make it out of the TV world unscathed, but if anyone can, it’s Nick and Jawahir. Guys, we can’t wait any longer. Give us a sign, anything—how about writing a song together?

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