I’ll be ‘Frustrated’ If Nobody Is Charged in Trump Election Probe

The forewoman in the Georgia grand jury impaneled to investigate Donald Trump’s 2020 election meddling in that state said in a CNN interview Tuesday that she would be “sad” and “frustrated” if no charges were brought as a result of the time-intensive process.

Emily Kohrs, who had told reporters earlier in the day that the grand jury’s recommendation of multiple indictments didn’t include “some giant plot twist,” appeared on CNN’s Outfront to follow up.

“I will be sad if nothing happens. That’s about my only request there is for something to happen. I don’t necessarily know what it is. I’m not the legal expert. I’m not the judge. I’m not the lawyers. But I will be frustrated if nothing happens,” Kohrs told host Kate Bolduan.

“This was too much — too much information, too much of my time, too much of everyone’s time, too much of their time, too much argument in court about getting people to appear before us,” she added of the work undertaken by the grand jury, which convened last May. “There was just too much for this to just be, ‘Oh, okay, we’re good. Bye!’”

Kohrs added that if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis were to only bring perjury charges, she would be satisfied, reiterating, “I will be happy as long as something happens.”

During the interview, Kohrs was also asked about how Trump, in a Truth Social post, claimed that the release of a portion of the grand jury’s report last week amounted to a “total exoneration.”

“I did see that today, which was fascinating. I’m not positive he read the right document,” Kohrs reacted.

“But I will say that if what he is talking about was our statement where we indicated that there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud in the Georgia 2020 election, that might’ve been what he meant? Other than that, I’m not positive what he meant by that. I’d be interested to know.”

And as to whether or not Kohrs, the only grand jury member whose identity is publicly known, is “worried” about her safety, she said that she is not, though she is “cautious.”

“I’m aware of my safety, but I’m not worried,” Kohrs said. “I don’t think I did — or any of the jury members did — anything that says we believe one way or the other about politics [or] about any of these issues. I think we were impaneled to find facts, and I think we did our best to find those facts and share those facts with the district attorney and her office. And I feel like that’s where it ends.”

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