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There are those iconic, nostalgic Christmas movies people keep coming back to year after year, whether it’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life, and of course, Home Alone. This ’90s Christmas classic, starring a young, mischievous, and clever Kevin McCallister—brilliantly played by Macaulay Culkin—is a go-to holiday movie for all ages. And its enduring legacy and popularity continue to this day, especially through clever merchandising and marketing.

If you love this classic Christmas-time film, you’ll probably go bonkers over the amazingness that is the Lego Ideas Home Alone kit. Yes, there is a Lego kit for this legendary house, and it’s just as amazing as you could imagine.

Not only does this 3,955-piece set perfectly recapture the extravagant brick home of the McCallister family, where all the fun and shenanigans of the first film takes place, but it also features many of the memorable details from the 1990 film, including the basement with the all-too-terrifying furnace, the “wet bandits” and the hilarious traps Kevin sets for them, the mysterious older neighbor with his shovel and trash can, and even the Michael Jordan cut-out that rides along on Kevin’s train set in the living room.

Lego Ideas Home Alone 21330 Building Set for Adults

The Lego kit is suggested for ages 18+ and comes with five mini-figures, including young Kevin McCalister, wet bandits Marv and Harry, Kevin’s misunderstood neighbor Old Man Marley, and Kevin’s super-anxious mom Kate. Four of the characters also come with some additional features, such as a scarf and hat, frightened facial expressions, and other meaningful touches.

Of course it takes some time—about five days for me—to assemble the house, but once you start working your way through the instructions and building up sections like the living room with a rotating train set, the basement with the light-up furnace, the upstairs attic where Kevin sleeps, Buzz’s bedroom with the giant tarantula, the Oh-Kay Plumbing & Heating truck that the wet bandits drive, and more detailed rooms inside the house, you’ll encounter amazing Easter egg details that are callbacks to both the first and second film, including a Little Nero’s pizza box, a television with the fake mob movie “Angels with Filthy Souls,” a picture of the Empire State building and the Eiffel Tower, a Duncan’s Toy Chest catalog, and Kevin McCalister’s plane ticket to Paris thrown in the trash. What caught me by surprise, too, are the number of playful, engaging features, such as collapsing shelves in Buzz’s bedroom and a toboggan you can slide Kevin down the stairs with.

Perhaps the greatest feature, though, is the fact that the house opens up like a dollhouse and separates in sections so you can investigate each well-designed room, and, yes, even play with all the incredible features. The sheer size of the Lego house is quite amazing, and it’ll quickly become a staple Christmas decoration and conversation piece in your home that you’ll never want to store away.

As someone who doesn’t normally invest in Lego kits for herself, I was impressed with how approachable this almost 4,000-piece set really is. You will have fun building the super-famous house and want to keep it on display to show off your hard work and incredible brick architecture. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or a gift for a loved one, the Lego Ideas Home Alone kit is a holiday necessity that keeps the legacy of Kevin McCallister and all his antics alive and well.

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