Don Lemon Forced to Give Groveling Apology to All CNN Staff After Saying Nikki Haley Was Past Her Prime

Don Lemon has apologized on CNN’s morning editorial call after making offensive remarks relating to gender.

“What I said came out wrong and I wish I hadn’t said it. I believe women of any age can do anything they set their minds to. The people I am closest to in this organization are women,” Lemon said on the call.

CNN CEO Chris Licht, who was in the control room of CNN This Morning and on set Friday, addressed controversy at the top of the daily call, saying the remarks “unacceptable and unfair and a huge distraction.”

Lemon bizarrely suggested on the show Thursday morning that GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley wasn’t in her “prime” and, therefore, should be careful when using that word to judge other politicians.

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