Death Wish Coffee Extra Caffeine Review 2022

Scouting Report: Death Wish Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy the morning jolt their caffeinated beverage delivers.

With the holidays quickly approaching, my schedule is busier than ever. My morning coffee is one of my favorite daily rituals—especially on days where I know I have a lot to get done. Tis’ the season for peppermint mochas and eggnog lattes, and while I love to indulge in a holiday coffee treat every once in a while, I’m the girl who prefers straight with enough caffeine to get me going and a splash of almond milk. If you also don’t like your cup of joe weak, Death Wish Coffee will definitely hit the spot. On days when I’m feeling bold and need an extra kick to get through my to-do list, it’s the coffee I reach for.

Death Wish coffee brews with double the strength as other brands, meaning it has twice the caffeine—and yes, even for someone who has a high caffeine tolerance, like me. Offered in both dark and medium roasts, the beans are fair trade and USDA certified organic and you can buy them as individual coffee pods or a bag of grounds. I don’t usually opt for super bold coffee because it often tastes too bitter for my liking, but despite the extra caffeine, Death Wish coffee is always smooth and flavorful.

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast

Despite being the “world’s strongest coffee,” Death Wish coffee tastes robust, yet smooth.

My bag of dark roast grounds boasts that it’s the “world’s strongest coffee,” and I admit, the first time I brewed it, I was slightly underwhelmed. It didn’t have that bold flavor that the skull and crossbones suggested it would, but upon reading the actual brewing instructions, I realized my proportions were way off. It’s recommended to use 2 ½ tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water and once I made a much smaller cup (I usually go for ten or twelve ounces) I got a much more robust cup of coffee.

Don’t let the skull and crossbones scare you away, Death Wish Coffee is a great cup of joe. They even have a holiday gingerbread flavor, aptly named gingerdead, for those who like their coffee to be extra festive this time of year. I know I’ll be sipping on Death Wish all season long.

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