DB Method Squat Machine Reviews 2023

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In the days before the pandemic, I was a gym junkie–and if I squinted while looking in the mirror, possibly in the best shape of my life. When the gyms closed, like many, I scrambled to adjust to home workouts. My equipment collection was lean and without a big budget, I stuck to basics. Besides a few weights, bands, and mats, the largest purchase I made was the DB Method. And I will never stop using this magic squat machine, even now that gyms have reopened.

Though their marketing focuses heavily on building your “assets,” the machine caught my eye for a lot of reasons, including affordability. I don’t have a lot of space either, so the fact that this folds under a couch in a minute flat was vital. I also appreciate that it’s a manual machine that doesn’t require electricity to use because there’s less to break and no cords to trip over.

I love doing squats; they’re great for fitness, aesthetics, and supporting joints as we age. And I squatted copiously, but was concerned my already noisy knee might give out one day. Then I found the DB Method—a machine that turns squats into a cardio workout while relieving all the pressure on your joints. It took weeks (OK, months) before I felt like my form was perfect—the trick is to lean back to keep pressure off your knees and hips, while still engaging your core. Though my first workout was only five minutes, my legs felt it the next day. Aside from ache-free squats, the workouts incorporate variations like plies and pulses to target different muscles.

The DB Method Squat Machine

There are a ton of free videos from the brand’s trainers on YouTube, so the workouts don’t become monotonous. The workout videos range from five to ten minutes typically; some sets you’re encouraged to do twice in a row if you’re up for it. Also check out the monthly workout calendars online, with different daily exercises for the entire month to keep you motivated.

Eventually, I added The DB Method’s accessories including the weighted belt and band with a clip, both of which I use for other exercises as well. These took my workouts to the next level. The band used during plies? The burn is real and so, so good. The clipped band is more versatile and sturdier than regular exercise bands that just slide on.

The DB method has helped me to achieve my most toned thighs ever. My muscles are strong without being bulky, and yes—the ass-ets that get flattened from working at a desk all day have admirably perked up, too. Now my knee doesn’t creak so much, and I stopped using a support bandage. Even though I’m slowly considering a return to the gym, there are still plenty of times when I just want the quick rush of adrenaline that comes with a short workout before my day starts, or to stay home in inclement weather. I’m so thankful to have had this machine the last few years and can’t imagine ever stopping using it.


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