Cecily Strong Leaves SNL With One Last, Tearful ‘Weekend Update’ Farewell

The writing was on the wall earlier this year when Cecily Strong missed a handful of Saturday Night Live episodes to perform on stage in a revival of The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. Now, after 11 seasons in the cast, Strong made her mid-season departure official during the last SNL episode of 2022.

“Tonight we send off one of the best to ever do it,” the show’s Instagram account posted ahead of the live broadcast. “We’ll miss you, Cecily!”

Strong, who was nominated for her work on SNL at both the 2020 and 2021 Emmy Awards, got the chance to bring back her shouting Kimberly Guilfoyle in the cold open. Later, she shined as an elderly super fan of Sarah Sherman’s “Jewish Elvis” alongside host Austin Butler. But “Weekend Update” is where she always burned the brightest and it was there that she got the epic send-off she deserved.

While we may not have gotten one more Jeanine Pirro appearance, Strong did decide to say farewell to SNL with another of her unhinged characters: Cathy Anne, the “woman who’s always yelling outside Michael Che’s window.”

Asked by Che what’s “got her goose” this time, she replied, “Thank you for asking, you sexy piece of crap. But actually, I’m a little emo tonight, because the truth is, I’m here to say goodbye.”

She explained that she was headed to prison, joking that she’s “not too scared because I got friends on the inside and they seem to be doing OK.” With that line, photos of Strong’s recently departed SNL castmates Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant in orange jumpsuits appeared on screen next to her.

Towards the end of her final bit, Strong broke character and got legitimately emotional when she said, “Listen, everybody has to go to jail at some point, right? It’s just my time now. But I’ve had a lot of fun here and I feel really lucky that I got to have so many of the best moments of my life in this place with these people that I love so much.”

“Like another drug addict said, there’s no place like home,” she said, slipping back into character. “And there’s no home like the place I got to yell outside Michael Che’s window.”

“But don’t be sad, because remember,” she added, breaking into song, “I did it high, Che!”

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