Canopy Humidifier Review 2023

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Wintertime—I may be the odd man out, but it’s probably my favorite time of year. No offense to the other seasons, but, personally, there’s no better feeling than being snowed in with a bottle of red under five snuggly blankets. However, I’m not denying that the season comes with its share of challenges—shoveling snow, wearing three layers of clothes, and dry air caused by jacking up the thermostat, to name a few. The constant change of temps—especially when you’re going in and outdoors—also doesn’t help, as it ignites the start of nosebleed season, something I dread as much as tax season. Even worse—the dry air also always leaves my skin and plants super dry, especially the tropical blooms that need the moisture boost.

Eager to leave chronic nosebleeds, parched skin, and dried-out plants back in 2021, I decided to invest in a quality humidifier. After all, my primary doctor advised that doing so would finally put an end to waking up to a bloody pillowcase every morning. But I just didn’t want any random humidifier—some of the units I’ve seen have the misfortune of being small, hard to clean, and never seemed to fill up the room with enough moisture to make it worth the investment.

Canopy Humidifier

Down from $150

Fortunately, though, I finally found the Canopy Humidifier, which would be the answer to my prayers. Not only is it sleek and modern in appearance, but it also boasts the ability to hydrate rooms up to 500 feet. But that’s not all. Since this humidifier also comes with a replaceable paper filter and sanitizes water thanks to a built-in UV light, it eliminates contaminants from the water, so you’re not breathing in gunk as it evaporates into the air. Plus, unlike other humidifiers, Canopy’s humidifier uses every single drop of water, so it eliminates the risk of mold forming inside the unit. The even better news is that parts from the unit are also dishwasher safe—honestly, folks, that’s what really sold me.

That being said, using this humidifier has literally been a godsend since the minute I set it up. The humidifier has two sides—one side for the fan and filter, the other side for the water tank and tray, and comes with a power cord you simply plug in. Once the water tank is filled and the filter is installed, you are good to use it. I love that the filter holds up to 2.5 liters of water, so it lasts for hours on end. The filter is quiet, which is a major plus for this white noise fanatic who needs a little something to fall asleep at night. Another added perk? You can use this humidifier to diffuse essential oils, so you can add a boost of calm or energy to your space whenever the mood strikes.

As I have been using the Canopy humidifier for a few months now, I can’t stop singing its praises. Gone is the facial dryness and flakiness that arises every winter, as well as the congestion I usually deal with the minute I wake up. My eyes also don’t seem as dry as they are—though, that could be because I dial up the usage of eye drops once the temperatures dip.

Canopy Ultimate Wellness Bundle

Down from $208

Above all, my plants also seem to love the Canopy Humidifier too—especially the ones that I frequently have mist to keep adequately hydrated. But while the humidifier is nothing short of a game-changer, there are some things to be mindful of. First, you won’t see any visible vapor while using it. That doesn’t mean the unit isn’t working, it just works differently. Second, filters also need to be changed every 45 days. However, rest assured that replacements aren’t too expensive—especially if you subscribe to Canopy’s replacement filter subscription—so you can change them often without breaking the bank.

In short, if you are prone to dry skin, allergies, and frequent nosebleeds, the Canopy humidifier is definitely worth every penny. After all, it’s easy to clean and use and uses every drop of water, so it is not only economical, but you’ll never have to worry about mold becoming an issue.

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