Brava Smart Countertop Oven Review

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If there’s one resolution I’d like to stick to this year it’s spending more time in my kitchen. Like so many busy 9-5 people out there, I often resort to frozen, ready-made meals or Uber Eats to do the cooking for me, but the magic of the New Year has me hopeful that I can change my ways—and so does the new Brava Countertop Oven I just invested in.

When I first heard about the Brava, I wasn’t so sure it would be all that different from my conventional gas oven. How could preparing and cooking meals be all that different with the $1,300 Brava versus my decades-old kitchen oven? Turns out quite a bit. The Brava 10-in-1 Touchscreen Countertop Smart Oven is a state-of-the-art, high-tech smart oven that combines visible and infrared light to cook your food faster and more efficiently than traditional ovens. It tailors its temperature and cooking times specific to the type of food you’re cooking, whether that’s rotisserie chicken, vegetables, fish, chocolate chip cookies—you name it. I’ve already made beef stew, air-fried Asian turkey meatballs, basmati rice, garlic bread, and other decadent, worldly bites in this game-changing oven, and I’m just getting started.

With this smart countertop oven, you can even cook different items on the same pan and have each item finished in the same amount of cooking time thanks to the six high-powered lamps that adjust their individual temps to cook each specific cuisine just right. No more waiting on those pesky proteins while your roasted vegetables grow cold on the counter.

10-in-1 Touchscreen Countertop Smart Oven

This smart oven allows you to prepare multiple items for a whole family meal or just a single serving for a solo meal. Not only does the Brava cook food faster, but the LED digital touchscreen feature allows you to choose and customize exactly which item(s) you’re cooking, such as eggs, steak, pizza, and just about anything else you can imagine. Frankly, to call it a countertop oven wouldn’t be doing it justice; the Brava also roasts, bakes, broils, toasts, reheats, cooks rice, dehydrates, slow-cooks, keeps food warm, and operates as an air-fryer. It’s an appliance that really does it all—and really well, no less.

Other great Brava features include its rapid preheat, a camera on top of the oven that lets you watch the food while it cooks, and impressive insulation that won’t heat up the rest of your kitchen or living space—which is a game-changer for cooking in the summer heat.

If you’re like me and are genuinely clueless about what to make from meal to meal, the Brava app is what you’ll want to utilize to use this appliance to its greatest potential. Not only does the Brava app have useful tutorial videos on getting started and setting up the smart oven, it also houses over 7,000 recipes that will guide you through countless meals that suit a variety of needs and wants, whether that’s simplicity, gourmet feasts, baked desserts, braised meats, vegan meals, dietary-compliant meals, and other customized, simple recipes. You won’t have to go to great lengths to find just what you’re looking for with this resource either; it’s tailored to bring you a plethora of options for beginner to advanced cooks.

At $1,300 you might be wondering if the Brava countertop oven is really worth such a big investment. That all depends, of course, on what you’re hoping to accomplish with this inventive, does-it-all appliance. If you’re looking for easy-to-prepare meals, stress-free, time-saving kitchen prep, and culinary confidence you’ve never had before, you’ve found the right tool to get you there. It’ll most certainly save you money in the long run when you’re preparing meals at home versus ordering out or dining out on a regular basis.

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