Best Men’s Razors for Beards & Grooming

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In a typical week, I shave my face two to three times—though sometimes, an entire week goes by. Regardless, sometimes those shaves are a quick pass that leaves a hair or two here and there but won’t have my face itching on the pillow, while other times, I really take my time and have a whole self-barber style experience, only without the banter.

You might think a guy my age who has been shaving regularly for the better part of two decades would have a favorite razor by now, but I don’t—I have five. Which, yes, is a bit excessive, but I really do have a different use for each and every one. Allow me to explain my extensive grooming lineup (razor-by-razor) below.

Harry’s Winston Razor Set

This is the razor I use the most. If it has only been a day or two, I can get a clean, close shave with the good ol’ blades from Harry’s, which are relatively affordable at less than $2 per blade when you buy them in bulk. It’s a basic razor that has multiple close-set blades that provide a clean shave, though they do need frequent rinsing. And for the record, Harry’s shave gel is my go-to, also.

Vikings Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

When it has been more than three or four days since a shave and my facial hair is long enough to be called the makings of a bona fide beard, I always turn to the Chieftain. This single-bladed classically styled safety razor makes short work of even longer, thicker hairs—whereas a multi-bladed cartridge style razor would load up with hair after a pass of less than an inch, this one keeps cruising. I also use this blade to make sure I have precise lines by my sideburns and neck. So why not use it all the time if it’s so effective, you ask? This razor is the only one I often nick myself with, so it’s relegated to use only for the truly harry shaves.

Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor

If my facial hair is a bit too long for a Harry’s-only shave, but I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on the process, this is my go-to razor. Something about the design here prevents hairs from getting caught in the blades, and the razor rinses clean remarkably well, so I can shave with long passes and quick rinses. I don’t get the closest shave with this razor from Schick, but I come out looking cleaned up enough and in minimal time.

Shavelogic SL5 Shaving System

It’s pretty cool how the blade cartridge of this razor attaches to the handle, which is via a magnet instead of a click-on system. But what I really like about the SL5 is that its blades are set near the top of the cartridge with only a thin lubricating strip above, so I can get the razor blades very close to the bottom of my nose and can get a very close and precise shave around my Adam’s apple. I use it almost exclusively as a finishing tool, but it’s great in that capacity.

BIC EasyRinse Anti-Clogging Men’s Disposable Razors

If my travels last less than three nights, I usually don’t bring a razor at all. For longer trips, this is the one that comes along. As the name suggests, the blade design and spacing mean easier rinsing and less clogging, which means more effective passes with fewer nicks.


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