Best Fitness Mirrors to Buy in 2022 — MIRROR, Echelon & More

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One of the biggest obstacles between me and working out on any given day is the commute to and from the gym. I can feel motivated when I’m at my door and feel it completely deflate over the course of the walk to the gym or fitness studio. Plus, there have been countless times when I have tried to incorporate new exercises or variations into my current fitness routine but lacked the necessary guidance and proper equipment to do so. In short, I am lazy and I do not want to pay a personal trainer to help guide me through each and every move every time I work out. Of course, this does not mean that if given the right tools, I wouldn’t be able to reach my fitness goals, and that’s where fitness mirrors come into play.

Fitness mirrors are the latest innovation in the exercise industry to help elevate at-home workouts—especially since we’re still technically in the midst of a global pandemic. The ubiquitous Peloton bike has been the gold standard in guided at-home fitness equipment since the onset of work-from-life that began earlier on in 2020, but these space-saving and sleek-looking fitness mirrors are proving to be a popular alternative showing no signs of slowing down in their appeal (especially since many fitness mirrors also actually double as functional, full-sized mirrors).

From the convenience of a living room or bedroom, these interactive fitness mirrors can be used any time and they don’t require labor to move them around or store them when you’re done using them. Plus, just like Peloton bikes, they give you remote access to live classes, on-demand personal training sessions that help you refine your form and keep your motivation at its peak, and help you monitor your progress.

For me, the biggest selling point about having unlimited access to a fitness mirror is that they allow you to work out whenever you want without having to abide by the hours of a gym or the late-night (or early-morning, pre-work) commute. Largely speaking, a fitness mirror can help you get fit while staying at home, and give you a similar experience to IRL personal training and group classes if that’s your cup of tea. Since there are now several options on the market now, knowing which one to buy can be tough. Here are three of the best fitness mirrors you can buy right now.

One of the most comprehensive fitness mirrors on the market, the MIRROR Pro is built to holistically replace all other major fitness needs. The O.G. fitness mirror comes with a number of unique classes for boxing, yoga, cardio and much more. Additionally, you can participate in live classes as well where you will receive real-time feedback on your form and effort. The MIRROR Pro also comes with a number of additional fitness items to be used throughout the workout including a set of weights, resistance bands, foam roller, yoga mat, towel and heart rate monitor. A number of these items are from Lululemon which genuinely made me a little giddy to hear. The MIRROR Pro does require a monthly subscription to gain access to all of the classes which may compound its cost over time.

Tempo Studio Plus Package

Another fully equipped fitness mirror, the Tempo Studio Plus Package has everything you need to serve as your entire fitness regime. The Tempo Studio also comes with access to several unique classes and personal trainers that will guide your form and technique through a live camera as you work out. In addition to the display, the Tempo Studio Plus Package also comes with a workout mat, two dumbbells, one barbell, a heart rate monitor, a foam roller, a folding bench, six collars, two competition weights and 75 pounds of weight plates. The heavier weights and inclusion of the barbell and bench allow you to work out with gaining muscle and strength more at the forefront of your priorities. Much like the MIRROR Pro, the Tempo Studio also has a monthly subscription fee that you will need to pay to gain access to the classes.

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror

This is a slightly more affordable fitness mirror option that still comes with a number of unique benefits. Similar to the other mirrors, you will get live feedback on your form through a built-in mirror and will have access to a wide range of class types through a monthly subscription. Unlike the other options, you will not receive any additional equipment that would supplement your workouts which may be a detriment. What makes the Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror unique is the wide selection of music that comes with it including major artists such as Pitbull, Lady Gaga and Daddy Yankee for some seriously high energy vibes.


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