Best Electric Snow Blowers 2022

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There’s a reason why you see warnings every winter about people having heart attacks and random injuries while shoveling snow: It’s really hard work. And, if you’ve been whipping out your trusty snow shovel every time the flakes fall, it’s understandable that you’d be wary (not to mention, reluctant) of having to do it again. But your next snow day is about to get so much easier when you invest in one of the best electric snow blowers on the market.

These handy electric snow blowers easily scoop up snow from the places you don’t want it (i.e. almost everywhere) with minimal effort on your end. Snow blowing technology has come a long way in recent years, and now the electric blowers are designed with ergonomic handles and snow plow-level power.

All you have to do is turn your machine on and casually steer it down your driveway while your neighbors look on with envy. After you’re done, simply put your snow blower away for the next storm, sit back, and admire your work.

Of course, knowing you want to get a snow blower and actually pulling the trigger on this purchase are two different things. To help you take the plunge, we rounded up the best options on the market right now. Nab one of these now to make future snow days so much easier on yourself—and your back.

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

Not everyone needs a massive snow blower to tidy up their exterior. If snow falls tend to be on the milder side in your area, this electric snow shovel is a good option to have around.

This snow blower can clear a path up to 8 inches deep and 16 inches wide in one pass, throwing your snow an impressive 30 feet. At 16 pounds, this machine is easy to push around, even in heavier snow. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size, though: It can move up to 430 pounds of snow in one minute.

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

This snow blower is a bestseller, and with an affordable price point and a range of cool features, it’s easy to see why. The Snow Joe can move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute, cutting a 21-inch wide by 12-inch deep hole through the powdery stuff in one go.

It can throw snow up to 20 feet and has a discharge chute that rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to be super specific about where all that frozen precipitation will end up. It even has a scraper blade on the bottom to really clear the ground without causing damage.

Greenworks Pro 80V 20 inch Snow Thrower

If dealing with a corded snow blower isn’t your jam, meet this handy option from Greenworks. It’s battery powered but does the same job as its plug-in counterparts. This machine can cut down to 10 inches of snow at a time, while clearing a 20-inch wide path.

It features a 180 degree rotating chute to allow you to direct your snow wherever your heart desires. You’ll get up to 45 minutes of run time with one charge—plenty of time to clear a path down your driveway and walkways.

Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower Shovel with LED Light

Looking for an easy-to-use snow blower that won’t break your budget? This Yard Force snow blower is here to help. It blazes a path that’s 11 inches wide by six inches deep and weighs just 14 pounds, making it practically effortless to tote up and down stairs.

An adjustable auxiliary handle helps you get that just-right grip while the built-in LED light comes in handy for nighttime removals.

Snapper XD 82V Cordless Snow Thrower Kit

Down from $500

The Snapper XD falls somewhere between having a mega-machine and a smaller device to clear your snow, making it perfect for areas where intense winter weather is expected but not constant.

This battery-powered snow blower clears a path that’s 20 inches wide and up to 10 inches deep, working for up to 75 minutes on one charge. It features lights on both the control panel and auger, so you can really see what you’re doing, even in dim conditions. When you’re done, collapse the handle to make it more compact for easy storage.


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