‘Bad Lip Reading’ Turns Biden Into a Fox News Fever Dream

Over the past several years, the folks at Bad Lip Reading have used their unique comedic approach to skewer political figures from Barack Obama and Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But they may have found their greatest muse in President Joe Biden.

In a new year-end “Inspirational Holiday Video,” Biden rambles incoherently about “centipede baloney,” “moose feces,” and other random nonsense for nearly seven minutes. It’s the Biden that Fox News viewers have been told exists, come to life before their eyes.

And just as Fox hosts like Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters have fixated on Biden’s approach to eating ice cream, here too we see the president take a bite of his cone and declare, “It needs ketchup, it’s already gruesome!” before frowning and saying it’s “rottener than anything I could imagine.”

Intercut with images of Biden taking selfies and waving to crowds, he whispers to his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, “I bet you’re pleased I drank my prune and pineapple juice.” He flirtatiously asks the nurse giving him a COVID shot, “You like my cheetah tattoo?”

By the end of the video, Biden has listed off potential band names like “Freak Ladder” and “Shower Doody” before taking a page out of Sen. Josh Hawley’s playbook to urge Americans, “Get off your phone and breed, breed, breed!”

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