Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope and Aubrey Plaza’s April Ludgate Crash SNL

When Amy Poehler dropped by for a very brief cameo in Aubrey Plaza’s Saturday Night Live monologue, it seemed likely that there was more where that came from. But even the biggest Parks and Recreation fans never could have predicted that they would revive their iconic characters together on “Weekend Update.”

First up was a hoodie-clad Plaza, who joined Colin Jost as April Ludgate to half-heartedly urge young people to get involved in local government. “OK, fine, uh, so, yeah, everybody should get involved where they live,” she said. “If you’re young, you should get a job as a garbage man or something.”

As Jost continued to ask follow-up questions, Plaza ultimately replied, “I don’t know, you’re annoying me, just ask my old boss Leslie Knope.”

With that, an in-character Poehler came out to wild cheers from the audience and had way too much pretending she had no experience behind that particular desk.

“How much fun is it working here?” she asked. “Do you guys just sit around cracking each other up all day?” She joked that she “used to watch this when Seth Meyers did it by himself with no one else and he made it look really easy.”

Before they headed off for their “timed entry at the M&M store,” Poehler asked if she could “be so bold” as to tell a joke to the viewers at home. After rejecting a couple options as “too mean,” she delivered a Leslie Knope-approved joke that ended with the punchline “Rosa Barks.”

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