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Collecting artwork is a passion of mine, however, sometimes my budget is tight; and bare walls can be–well, too bare. Museum art prints are glorious but can be pricey too, especially in larger sizes. While looking to cover a lot of space with little dough, I stumbled across a fantastic way to upgrade the whole look of a room on the cheap, while looking like I spent much more.

I first bought a Cavallini Papers & Co. print years ago, and they have notably not faded, and, even more remarkably–still cost just $6. Sold as craft papers, the art reproductions have countless uses, from wrapping paper to decoupage, but at a large-sized 20”x 28”, they also make impressive art prints. The illustration themes are often botanical, nature, or travel; the designs remind me of vintage posters of a Chelsea gallery I once worked at. The type of advertising made by hand before computers; the images are often whimsical, alluring, or educational. Whether dinosaurs for a child’s room, cocktail recipes for the kitchen, or flora and fauna, the prints enliven a room without being ostentatious. They also work with a variety of decor styles, adding charm to modern or country styled-homes.

Of course, a frame is nice unless you tack it up (a fine option, especially if you get creative). That will add to the expense but not so much, like this frame for $27, bringing the total to $33 for a ready-to-hang interior design upgrade. Based on the five-star reviews, I’m not the only one mad about Cavallini’s designs and quality; since I first spotted the brand, they have greatly expanded their offerings to puzzles, totes, sticky notes, pouches, tea towels, and more, all super giftable (or keepable)—and all at very reasonable prices.

So there you have it, here’s how to upgrade your decor on the cheap without looking mediocre, a sure bet with these vintage illustration prints.

Natural History Insects, 20 x 28″ Italian Archival Paper

With rich, pretty colors–one of many flora and fauna-inspired styles.

Bird Chart, 20×28″ on Italian Archival Paper stock

Camping Vintage Style Pouch

The styles aren’t limited to paper; a little cotton pouch is adorable for the outdoor enthusiast.

1000 Piece Vintage Puzzle, Mushrooms

These designs will grow on you! Fungi Dad jokes not included.

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